Making Sense of Love and Dating

I must admit I’ve never been very successful when it comes to love and guys. So, after some persuasion from a friend, I finally gave in and decided to give online dating a try. It was a little embarrassing at first, but after some prodding I set up a profile and started sending a few messages. I tried a few different sites, but didn’t have any success until I came across this Dating NZ website.

I must admit the quality of guys on there seems to be a lot better – it’s not just a bunch of randy old men sending dodgy pictures! I am looking for an intelligent guy with some direction in life and the maturity of guys on this NZ dating site seems to be a lot better than on the other ones I tried. It’s still early days yet but I will keep my readers updated on how it all goes!

I Love Photography!


I have been wondering what to write about for the first post on my new blog, and I’ve decided photography is a great topic to kick it off. I will be sharing a lot of my thoughts about many topics here, but photography is one of the hobbies that is closest to my heart. I love taking photos, sharing them with the world and seeing the work of other amazing photographers. One I’m really obsessed with at the moment is Wedding Portrait Photography Auckland - Jessica’s a wedding photographer in New Zealand and her work is AMAZING.

Marriage is still a few years away for me but I must admit I have a guilty pleasure for browsing wedding photos. I love shots like these ones:

wedding photography


Absolutely stunning! That is from Jessica’s website by the way if you want to see more of her work. Waiheke Island looks like an amazing place to get married too, might have to go check that out some time!